How To Buy bitcoins without verification

Buy bitcoins without verification, a Where-to guide


For some people, passing through the verification process may be inappropriate. For example, if you want to buy bitcoins anonymously. You may also just feel uncomfortable about sharing personal information with strangers or simply don’t want to waste your time on those complicated verification.
Here is the short guide about how to buy bitcoins without verification anonymously.


LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer BTC marketplace, something like eBay, but for bitcoins transactions. You can choose from many different sellers that offer a variety of payment methods. You can buy bitcoins anonymously without any verification with cash or via bank deposit. Fees depend on the seller. Localbitcoins is the most popular cryptocurrencies marketplace, so likely you will find a suitable btc dealer nearby. 
Another way to buy bitcoin without id is BitIt. The service available in more than 50 countries and allows you to buy bitcoins with credit card in 10 minutes. The limit for instant no-id purchase is 25 euros, above that will require verification. You can also pay with a neosurf prepaid voucher that you can buy anonymously with cash in over 100.000 different local stores. The fees are 3.9% for credit cards which is the average for the similar services. 
BitQuick allows you to purchase BTC through bank cash deposit in the United States. It is somewhat similar to Localbitcoins since it is a p2p marketplace, but with fewer payment options supported. The fees are just 2%, so this is a much cheaper than buying bitcoins with a credit card or PayPal. They have “Quick buy” option as well (fast search of a suitable seller). If you are having a hard time searching for a vendor with the best exchange rate that has the needed amount of coins, this will help. 
Paxful supports over 150 different payment methods. You will be asked for your ID to make PayPal or credit card transaction, but for some other methods like gift cards or western union you won’t need online verifications. Just as with other marketplaces, fees are vary depend on the seller. 

Another option – Bitcoin ATMs


Bitcoin ATMs gives you an easy way to sell and buy bitcoins with cash. Some machines will require verifications, but some allow anonymous bitcoin purchase without verification. As of today, over 901 ATMs available in 54 different countries around the world. The fees and limits for purchase vary depending on the machine. The usual fees are 5-9%. You can search for locations here.

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